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Do, 15.09.2022 09:15
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NOXMAT expands product spectrum with burner technology for the aluminum industry

Wiedemann burner for aluminum industry
Wiedemann burner for aluminum industry
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Oederan/Duesseldorf (ptp011/15.09.2022/09:15) - NOXMAT GmbH, specialist for industrial heating technology, expands its product and service spectrum: NOXMAT will now also produce and sell burners specifically for the aluminum industry, under the brand name "Wiedemann Industriebrenner". Especially for manufacturers and operators of plants used in aluminum treatment or hardening and tempering of aluminum, the name "Wiedemann" ranges among the leading technology companies and has been established for decades. Between 27 and 29 September, NOXMAT will present its enhanced product spectrum at the "Aluminium" trade show in Duesseldorf.

On 1 January 2023, NOXMAT will take over the exclusive rights for the production and sales of burners of the "Wiedermann Industriebrenner" brand. This expansion of NOXMAT's product portfolio will also generate new customers and areas of application in the aluminum industry so the company can continue its growth path. The Wiedemann brand's recuperator burners are especially powerful as well as highly efficient and have low emission levels. At the same time, they are considered to be particularly low-maintenance by long-term customers. NOXMAT will thus range among the technological forerunners in terms of burners for the aluminum-processing industry as well and will benefit from the high popularity of this established brand.

Ensured high continuity for Wiedemann customers

Part of the contract with Wiedemann Industriebrenner GmbH is also the transfer of know-how to NOXMAT regarding engineering and manufacturing. This way, NOXMAT will be able to successfully continue the production of recuperator burners and other products that have hitherto been manufactured by Wiedemann. NOXMAT is well known in the heat treatment industry, and especially in the area of industrial heating technology, for its high-level competence and performance in technical services, something it will guarantee in this new business segment as well. This also means that NOXMAT will be able to offer this high continuity and reliability to all previous Wiedemann customers. NOXMAT will be available from now on for questions about the products or inquiries about new projects.

Between 27 and 29 September, NOXMAT will be present for the first time with its expanded product portfolio at the "Aluminium" fair in Duesseldorf - the world's leading trade show of the aluminum industry. This is a great opportunity for previous Wiedemann customers and for new interested parties to get to know their new contacts at NOXMAT. Free tickets are available for visiting the fair and the NOXMAT stand (stand 6B57). Further information can be found at: https://www.noxmat.com/en/news-events/events

NOXMAT is a specialist for industrial heating technology, and develops, manufactures, and produces industrial gas burners as well as electric heating systems for high-temperature thermal processing technology. NOXMAT's product spectrum includes, among other things, recuperator and high-speed burners, control units for burner technology, radiant tubes for the heating of industrial furnaces, electric heating elements as well as the construction of a customer-specific switch cabinet. NOXMAT offers consulting and support for companies in over 35 countries all over the world, with great expertise and extensive service offers in the construction and optimization of heating elements for industrial thermal processing plants as well as maintenance and modernization in order to increase energy efficiency. NOXMAT was founded in 1992 in Oederan/Germany and has subsidies in China and India.

This press release is available at: https://www.noxmat.com/en/news-events/news/noxmat-expands-product-spectrum

Contact and further information:
Geralf Beeg - Business Development Manager
Phone: +49 37292 6503 61
Email: geralf.beeg@noxmat.de


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