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Di, 23.08.2022 11:00
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Chantal Frei: "SPEAKING OUT! My Life under and Escape from Satanic Ritual Abuse" Insiderreport of an Illuminati Survivor

Child Abuse in Satanic Rituals - "Victims Mission" Reports from Switzerland

Geneva (pts022/23.08.2022/11:00) - "Chantal Frei (pseudonym) who grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, was only six years old when Satanists decided to make her into a Mother of Darkness. At that time, she had already survived massive torture - which was the reason why the cult considered her to be strong, smart, and intelligent enough to be trained by the Illuminati ... During cruel rituals, she met with heads of state, nobles, and celebrities. Therefore, she was taken to well-known places - such as the White House and a famous Spanish basilica ... secret military facilities and a remote castle in Belgium. These places and people, some of which are also mentioned by other survivors, illustrate the terrifying extent of an abysmally dark phenomenon known as ritual abuse." (Quotes from cover texts)

Warning: Some quotes may be disturbing or unsuitable for children!

In this video with Dr. Marcel Polte (author) and Jo Conrad (Bewusst TV)
Chantal Frei reveals the names of prominent criminal paedophiles:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiV72lL8cy0
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiV72lL8cy0&t=158s

Quote: "English dubbed German interview with Chantal Frei who was 'Mother of Darkness' in a elite satanic cult. From childhood on she has been abused in rituals and raised to the highest levels. She describes royal manhunts, torture, gruesome rituals and names the prominent people she has encountered. Her book is also out in English now. Dr. Marcel Polte is also author of books dealing with these dark topics that most people don´t know about. It might take place in their neighbourhood and with famous politicians, royals, musicians and actors, and happens all the time, protected by the system." (Jo Conrad)

Quotes from Chantals book: "SPEAKING OUT! My Life under and Escape from Satanic Ritual Abuse":

"This book is especially dedicated to all my children! I do not know all of you yet! I had to give birth to you in the cult. Rest assured: You are deep in my heart! I love you! ... I write this book in memory of all the victims and for all the survivors ... My most important thanks go first and always to God, my heavenly Father, who has always been with me, helped me get out of it, and always given me courage and confidence, even in times of deep doubt." (page 18)

"In the cellar I was put in a cage ... The chapel was very old, and the cellar looked accordingly. There were bars and chains hanging from the ceiling ... we were often locked in the cages naked or dressed only in a short, white, blood-stained dress ... I was taken out of the cage and chained. So I hung there naked and was raped by one or more men ... All of them were naked ... except for a black balaclava ... I also had to watch other children being abused, tortured, raped and sometimes killed." (page 19)

"God showed me that I should talk and where I should start. I did that little by little, and bit by bit my speech problem was solved ... I had already suffered from my silence all my life. At that time, however, God personally dissolved this ban on speaking ... But today I am talking! With God's help I am talking!" (page 23)

"I was not in a tunnel at the time, but in an airplane. Probably in a cargo plane or in a baggage hold. I don't know. These men belonged to the military; they were American soldiers who had kidnapped me. Kidnapped from my family of origin ... My father [ Footnote: By this I mean hereinafter my cult father, because even now I have not yet found my real parents. Therefore, in what follows I refer to those people with whom I grew up as mother, parents or family ] was on trial in early 2000 ... He was charged with suspicion of sexual abuse of his children and other children in the neighborhood. After several years of police investigation, he was acquitted due to lack of evidence. I still wonder what exactly was investigated during those many years. What took so long? And why?" (pages 24, 25)

"My paternal grandparents were both Satanists ... Today I know that my father was also a Satanist ... who sexually abused and tortured children at night. My mother was most likely chosen because it was surmised that she suffered from dissociative identity disorder [ Footnote: A mental disorder in which individuals unintentionally assume multiple personality states with different identities ] ... My uncle, who was close to me, was also in the Satanist circle." (pages 26, 27)

"Our pediatrician ... was also a cult member. So I was perfectly 'embedded' and everything was perfectly organized for violent crimes. Everything was covered up. Everyone covered up for everyone else ..." (page 29)

"Every now and then I would get a sweet syrup. Today I know that there were drugs in it. Drugs are often given to children in these circles to make them compliant, but also to make sure they don't remember things (like where they were taken). My father opened the door of the VW bus. I got in ... My dad took off my pyjamas, and I got a little white dress, probably made of white linen. Small, fine needles were stuck in all over my body, and it began to bleed. There were blood stains on the dress ... I was being prepared for a ritual. The white dress with the blood stains had a special meaning for the men in the cellar ... I was the chosen one for this evening. I looked behind the racks in the VW bus. And there I suddenly saw eyes watching me. They were the eyes of other children, children my father had hidden in the bus, children from foreign countries. Their skin was sometimes darker than mine. They didn't say a word. We children knew we weren't allowed to talk." (page 31)

"Some people dressed in black gathered in front of this one chapel in Valeyres-sous-Rances, VD in Switzerland [ Footnote: VD is the abbreviation for the canton of Vaud in Switzerland ] ... The children who were sacrificed in the cellar were killed with a knife. I remember how a child was hanging above the fire on a chain, suspended by its feet. One perpetrator took a knife and slashed the child from top to bottom, from the intimate area down to the head ... I am not writing a horror book here. Because no horror book could even come close to describing what I experienced and saw there. And I know that such things still happen! ... It is the scum of the earth acting here ... It is even more evil than the most profoundly evil ..." (pages 32, 33)

"After a while, my father got angry. He didn't like to see us having fun. He started his car and hit the boy. The boy fell down and my father ran over him with his car in front of my eyes. This happened in broad daylight ... that parking lot remains in my memory as the place where children were exchanged and where a murder happened." (pages 36, 37)

"The neighbor had called me ... There, in an adjoining room, was one of those girls lying on the wooden floor ... She was just lying there. She was dead. Next to her sat the neighbor. He had a large knife in his hand. And a fork. He ordered me to sit down beside the girl opposite him. Then he cut a piece from her right hip and started eating the meat. I was forced to eat it too. I was forced into cannibalism. I had no choice. The murdered girl was about thirteen years old, I guess. I was about ten ..." (pages 37, 38)

"As a victim, I call this brainwashing and manipulation through repeated, targeted violence and torture - sexual, physical, psychological, and spiritual - with the goal of making victims completely dependent, so they will carry out orders on command to serve the cult." (page 39)

"How, pray tell, can a girl of about eight prepare babies for sexual abuse? ... Is it even possible? The sad answer is: Yes, it can! And the perpetrators, among whom are scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, and other highly educated people, know exactly that this works." (page 44)

"Behind the Illuminati are Mafia-like structures ... Just like the Mafia, they have loyal people who are active in politics, the police, the judiciary, industry, academia, and so on. Thus, they form a powerful underground organization. They need slaves for pornography, paedo-crime, human trafficking, arms smuggling, drug smuggling and sales, people who secretly carry codes (military codes) or smuggle illegal funds into organizations. Paramilitary groups are trained and educated from infancy. And contract killers and assassins are trained." (page 48)

"In the 'snuff videos' one can see children or adults being abused, tortured and brought to the end on film. 'Brought to the end' means they are killed on camera. I was a witness to this ... There is child trafficking going on. They need their 'goods' from somewhere ... Another source are children from their own ranks who are not registered. It works like this: They split off other 'ego states' and thus create personality parts, which in turn give birth to children for the cult. In therapist circles these victims are known as 'breeders'. This also happened to me. I gave birth to children of whom I know neither the present whereabouts nor what happened to them, because they were taken away from me immediately after birth." (pages 49, 50)

"When I was about six years old, I was taken to a summer camp in Belgium. It was held at Amerois Castle ... We children had to strip naked there. We were all given a pair of flat, brown-beige shoes and had to put them on. Then we went into the forest. There was a hunting game. There were many deer, dogs and hunters. The role of us kids was to play the deer. We were chased naked through the forest. I remember being terrified. So I ran for my life ... I heard gunshots and children screaming in the forest ... The little boy, who called himself Marc, showed me a big pile of leaves and told me to hide in there ... That was my salvation ... My right thigh hurt badly and blood was running down my thigh. I had been shot ... My survival was celebrated, as was Marc's. The celebration consisted of sex. Sex with adults. Sex with animals, and then finally sex between me and Marc. A rod was stuck into his penis, and he was ordered to penetrate me ... In this state of pain and complete confusion, I was asked if I would do everything they expected of me in the future. In return, they would give me life." (pages 53, 54, 55)

"It happened at the cemetery in Rances VD, Switzerland. I must have been about seven years old at that time ... Anyway, I remember it was dark ... A knife was put in my hand ... I caught sight of a little boy about four years old with blond hair ... I knew I had to do it; otherwise, they would kill my mother or my siblings ... I had to cut the boy's throat ... The blood of the young boy was collected in a bowl. Everyone had drunk from it ... I was forced to perform various sexual acts on this dead person. This was my ritual of silence. I knew that if I refused, I too should end up in such a coffin. And keep silent forever. That's what the perpetrators did sometimes. Put children in coffins and bury them. I have also experienced this. After a certain time - I have no idea how long it took in each case - one is taken out again. Or not ... I have seen them bury children alive." (pages 59, 60, 61)

"I do not remember how many child sacrifices I had to take part in until I finished my 'training'. However, I still remember one very clearly. It took place in Six-Fontaines VD in Switzerland ... Both of us were the same age: about eight years old ... The flesh of dead children, which was then consumed and shared as a 'body'. In this way I had to celebrate with Satanists their 'communion'. The body and blood had to be as innocent as possible. A Satanic supper for the glory of Satan, their god." (page 63)

"I have also witnessed the removal of organs from living babies. I also know that there is an illegal organ trade behind it, which is carried out by very highly respected people, including celebrities." (page 71)

"I heard music and singing. It was a festive atmosphere. I was sitting at the bottom of a staircase in the midst of other people when a man standing on a kind of stage asked me to come to him. I was handed a large curved knife. I knew the man. It was a very famous Austrian singer and entertainer, whom I will call Paul Heinrich here. I don't remember how it happened, but I knew then that it was a wedding celebration. My wedding with Satan. I didn't see Satan in person, but Paul Heinrich played my husband for this ceremony. He moderated and accompanied the ceremony ... Some people were present at the feast ... well-known aristocrats, politicians, actors, professional athletes, a founder of an organization for organ donation ... , the wife of a president ... This ritual took place in Barcelona in the Sagrada Família." (pages 76, 77, 78)

"It was in the forest near Vuiteboeuf VD ... I also found the hut where we children had to wait during my research. The child hunts took place at that time in broad daylight ..." (page 85)

"Silence is the perpetrators' strongest weapon, and they use it on their victims purposefully and skillfully. So-called 'silence rituals' are carried out time and again. And this is already done in early childhood, when the child begins to speak. This means that after a ritual, another ritual is performed to seal what has happened under oath. This includes methods such as being buried alive, almost being suffocated, almost being drowned, or witnessing what happens to a 'traitor', being sacrificed, or burned or skinned alive. If such killings are then carried out, for example, still in a violet room, the silence of a victim is reinforced at the same time, because the already pre-installed color programming meets a new trauma." (page 137)

"The perpetrators are masters in covering up and are organized with police, public prosecutors, and politicians at very high levels. If you want to file a complaint as a victim, you have to make a very difficult decision. First, you are opening a can of worms ... Secondly, very often you are not believed at a police station ... Since the perpetrators are professionals at work, there is almost always a lack of solid evidence. But the main problem, in my opinion, is that organized ritual abuse cannot be reported as such because there is no such offense in the criminal code. You can report rape, homicide, domestic violence and the like, but all of that is looked at separately. This does not help the people involved, and they may be put in great danger because they have to be punished as traitors according to the rules of the cult. Even the German BKA [ Footnote: 'Bundeskriminalamt', the German Federal Bureau of Investigation ] says it does not track ritual abuse as a separate phenomenon." (pages 158, 159)

"healing process ... Afterwards, but also during this process, I talked to God about it. I was then able to experience and feel His infinite love for me. I prayed and shared the pain with Him. This pain was great. It is the worst thing for me that I had to become a perpetrator ... I told Him how immensely sorry I was for all that had happened. I cried and pleaded for hours, even whole days and nights ... I talked to my Father in heaven from heart to heart ... I felt accepted and understood as a child by a loving and good Father." (pages 180, 181)

Chantal Frei:
- https://www.chantalfrei.com/
- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPNg2gGD_Dwm96V4KIigXg

How to order:
- https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Chantal-Frei/dp/B0B5KV4FSZ/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2ZDAZX9TQ40FM&keywords=speaking+out+chantal+frei&qid=1661210448&s=books&sprefix=Speaking+out%2Cstripbooks%2C104&sr=1-2

Chantal Frei (German):
- https://www.mediarebell.com/watch/IYR8UYrVXysXgeh (Bittel TV: Teil 1)
- https://www.mediarebell.com/watch/vhhDaEkbWJEGpmS (Bittel TV: Teil 2)
- https://www.mediarebell.com/watch/apc6i9CHyOBPuQU (Bittel TV: Teil 3)
- https://www.mediarebell.com/watch/X8IWr6o3yqHKneC (Bittel TV: Teil 4)
- https://www.mediarebell.com/watch/g8mQaMUN64sWuAI (Bittel TV: Teil 5)
- https://www.mediarebell.com/watch/LMeaLWuSZiaiHej (Bittel TV: Teil 6)
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZLk-yVNJms
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1716262pBw
- https://www.radiomaria.ch/de/programm/tagesprogramm?info=202203171000&title=Lebenshilfe
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceYXZN-S15Q
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdHhKCxogpc
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27sG7XGcO6I
- https://www.pressetext.com/news/chantal-frei-ich-rede-mein-leben-und-ausstieg-aus-satanisch-ritueller-gewalt-insider-bericht-einer-berlebenden.html

More Information:
- https://www.pressetext.com/news/the-nathalie-case-8-year-old-girl-abused-in-rituals-offenders-protected-by-public-authorities-please-drain-the-swamp.html
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- https://waynedupree.com/2022/03/photo-of-bill-clinton-with-yet-another-accused-child-sex-offender-surfaces-pictures-from-haiti-and-has-4-kids-in-it/


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