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Di, 15.06.2021 20:50
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NEW VALUE AG: Acquisition of additional participation in TLNT Holdings

Baar (pta035/15.06.2021/20:50) - The investment company New Value AG announces that it has today signed an acquisition agreement for the remaining 49.46% of the Series A shares and 97,78% of the Series B shares in TLNT Holdings SA, Luxembourg, in exchange for cash and new shares at nominal value of CHF 1 each. TLNT Holdings SA holds the operations of Zooppa.com and Ello.co, online platforms for creative professionals.
In order to execute the new TLNT-transaction and the recently announced acquisition of EyeEm Group GmbH, the Board of Directors is proposing to the Extraordinary General Meeting on 18 June 2021 ordinary capital increases of up to approximately CHF 8.5 million in total by means of contribution in kind by issuing unlisted fully paid registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 1 each at an issue price of CHF 1 each.
A positive shareholder vote on the proposed capital increases and the completion of the transactions will result in the 100% ownership of recently acquired portfolio companies, including the Talenthouse companies comprising Talenthouse IP LLC (USA), Talenthouse Limited (UK) and TLNT Holdings SA (Luxembourg), as well as Quest Digital Ltd (UK) including Coolabi Group Ltd (UK), EyeEm Group GmbH (Germany) and Jovoto GmbH (Germany).
These acquisitions mean that New Value has a significant global presence in the creative industries backed by its combined community of 15 million members.
Given the complementary nature of the portfolio companies' community, the Board of Directors will also be exploring potential options of a transformation of the Company to an operating company with respective change of trading segment on SIX Swiss Exchange as well as a share split resulting in a single category of shares and listing of the Company's currently unlisted registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 1 in due course.

More information about New Value
New Value, listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, invests directly in private companies with above-average market and growth potential. The focus is on companies in the field of digital business models. New Value engages in active value management with the aim of further developing its holdings and thus increasing their value.
Stock exchange listing SIX Swiss Exchange (www.six-swiss-exchange.com)
Ticker symbol NEWN (CH)
Security number 1 081 98
ISIN CH0010819867
Contact New Value AG, Zugerstrasse 8a, CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland
Dr Bernd Pfister
+41 43 344 38 38; info@newvalue.ch
Information/ downloads www.newvalue.ch


Aussender: NEW VALUE AG
Zugerstrasse 8a
6340 Baar
Ansprechpartner: Bernd Pfister
Tel.: +41 43 344 38 38
Website: www.newvalue.ch
ISIN(s): CH0010819867 (share)
Börsen: SIX Swiss Exchange
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